Monday, December 2, 2013

It's all about control - being Mistress Cassie's sissy

Today's topic - control. i have just finished a phone session with Mistress and She wants me to talk about control. In reality, as a sissy it is about a lack of control for me. i am not in control - Mistress is!

She is the One that keeps me shaved and pantied, dressing for Her and my blog. She controls my masturbation habits and mnore importanatly, She controls my sexuality. Whatever sedxujal needs that i have, Mistress attends to as a means to an end.

The end, for me, was when She announced long ago on Her blog that i was Her trained sisy. Trained and Controlled. i have gone significant periods trying to resist Her and the hold that She has on me, tried to regain my freedom.

It' all to no avail. Rather than give Her control - She took it! That's the key really. She was so assertive from day one that i never really stood a chance. She knows exactly how to dominant & feminize sissies, She knows every button to push. She takes control.

Control is actually mental & physical. Mistress Cassie's physical control is on display here, where i post pictures in my most feminine state. She also uses the cock cage, the dildo and the plastic pussy for physical command. But it's really my mind that She controls, and the results of that end up on display.

Today i dressed in a hobble skirt and locked 6" high heels. A perfect example of a sissy under Mistress' spell. She might as well have cinched up the skirt and locked the heels Herself.

There will be more pictures to come shortly. More eveidence of Mistress Cassie's control over Her trained sissy.............
sissy maid diane


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