Friday, December 13, 2013

Into the punishment girdle

After an e-mail from Mistress Cassie, it is into the 'punishment girdle' for the next 24 hours.

Her e-mail:

Today at 2:31 AM
a rule is a rule,  and if you cannot remember to pee sitting down, you get punished (it does not matter who the rule maker is..)   it won't take very long before you remember consistantly!!

your readers are quite nasty,  lol ...     I wonder if their thoughts would be different if the cage was on their little clitties!


good girl diane,    the bridal crenolin is  beautiful!

be happy

 Mistress Cassie

It fits the crime I think and should go a long way towards conditioning me to pee sitting down. This is a part of my training that should have been permanent long ago and will be now.

This e-mail from Mistress is in answer to my own:

Hello Mistress,

i have posted as recently as yesterday about peeing sitting down. The 'self imposed' punishment moving forward is 24 hours in the all in one girdle with the gusset sewn shut, which pretty much forces me down onto the toilet seat.

Sadly, unbelievably, I just caught myself doing it again! I really do want to be Your girl and this is important. But I really didn't intend to pee standing up and caught myself (so to speak) about half way through - then sat down. I really don't want to wear that thing for 24 hours, but....

What a dilemma! You didn't impose this 'punishment'....

Your opinion please.


PS - On lengthy commenter suggested that I add a modification to the girdle - adding a rear entry access hole for male suitors. Oh those readers! There was 1 comment letting me out of the cage early, btw.  Two for extra hours and one undecided that commented anyway. So 2 1/2 for extra cage time..

So, I am on the girdle clock!

sissy maid diane

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  1. The all in one is very nice but Dianne seems a bit tall. A snug fitting high waist long leg panty girdle paired with a long line bra might actually be a better fit. Rago 6210 panty girdle and Glamorise "Magic Lift" long line bra are excellent garments for fem training.