Saturday, December 7, 2013

Girly gowns - a sissy love affair and a silky trap

The first gown that i ever wore was a blue full length, and i was well on my way towards feminization by Mistress Cassie. The gown, and gowns to come, played an important role in my training.


There's a wonderful fullness about gowns that is a little overwhelming to me. i love everything about them, the feel, the swish when i walk, and most importantly how i feel when wearing one. i really feel like a Woman.

Yes, wearing this blue gown was a milestone in my femming. But it pales in comparison to a gown that Mistress Cassie sent me. Her high school prom dress. When i put that lovely creation on, there was an instant bond with Mistress. i instantly regretted missing those childhood days when i could have been trying on adult dresses instead of playing ball. I loved listening to Mistress and Her stories about young girls playing in this dress. Now it was my turn.

This gown was another major milestone, another breakthrough for Mistress as She took control of me. There will be a final act to this play, one more gown. Yes i've modeled it before & felt the Womanly pleasure of it satin beauty. But it was without a crinoline and my other wedding day accessories. Most of all it was without the vows and ceremony that would signal my marriage to Mistress Cassie and submit entirely to Her femming ways.

i remember now how i felt the only day that i wore this gown. Ii felt trapped, really trapped by Mistress. It scared me, and I knew that if i wrote the vows and had a 'wedding session' with Her, Ii would be forever doomed to a life of servitude and worship.

Yes, the gown went into the attic, and i tried to keep that feeling of entrapment in the recesses of my mind. Another attempt to escape..........

Now i remember that feeling & it's to late to push it away now. Mistress has seen the vows and set the wedding date. What i thought was already permanent entrapment is about to go to a whole new level. i have until January 4th to enjoy the thread of freedom that i have left.

Once that gown goes back on with the crinoline & all the trimmings & i repeat my vows, that fleeting hope of freedom will gone. Gone with the wind..........

sissy maid diane

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