Saturday, December 14, 2013

The masturbation and caging video (preliminary)

Things are heating up now. This is my little 'foreplay' video as i prepare for the real thing. i dropped by plastic pussy, but all is well now.

The real video while sessioning with Mistress Cassie on the speaker phone will come when She is available. It could be ten minutes from now, it could be hours.  Stay tuned.....

sissy maid diane


  1. I Saw, I got hard, I came.

    There was a lot of action, but I think you would enjoy it more, if you would stop,, put your ass in the air, and just stay there! I will be with you in a minute.

    Ever see the "Two Jakes"?

    I want to fuck you more than ever.


    1. Hello JP,

      Well now, that's pretty straight forward. Perhaps i'll put my ass in the air for you when i do the session shoot.

      i think i saw The Two Jakes years ago. A Nicholson vehicle, i believe. What should i remember about it? :o)

    2. It was the seminal (sic) moment in the film! "Your not going to make me do it! Please done make me do it!!!. OOOOOH your gonna make me do it!!."

      And then (apparently) they did it, or at least the cashmere did.

      One of he best girdle sex scenes anywhere

      I would make you do it.



    3. Wow! Looks like I need to see that movie again. if I ever did see it!

    4. i saw the girdle clip on line. Fantastic! i guess i never saw the move, i definitely would have remembered that scene! :o)