Friday, December 13, 2013

sissy dreams of gender reassignment

i have maintained that if Mistress Cassie had gotten to me earlier in life (or still gets enough time) i will eventually will be physical y transformed into a Woman - sexual reassignment. As it is, Mistress has taken care of business on the mental aspect of feminization, and somehow has managed to make me reasonably presentable as a girl.

But i am reminded again today that i still have male genitals. As i wear by sewn all in one, it occurs to me that a tug of war is going on. i am rather long waisted, so the girdle's straps are starting to irritate my shoulders - especially since the c cup breast forms are in as well...

But if i pull it up to relieve that pressure, i get pressure on my male clitty and testicles. What a dilemma! Of course i wouldn't be in this position if i hade corrective surgery.

But then again, i wouldn't be getting girdle punishment either. i would be peeing sitting down naturally.

So, i still have about 17 hours to go, girdled & punished.

Next up - Female HRT. This week i have started Hormone Replacement Therapy, of the over the counter variety. The feminization journey continues.


sissy maid diane


  1. Um

    I think it would tuck yourself under while girdled. I saw some of your creamy goodness that should be saved for the authorized time and place!

    1. No girdle today, but my 'creamy goodness' has been authorized to be on full display here - tonight!

  2. diane- ooh, this day-long girdle punishment sounds rough... and delicious! :)
    Such a challenge with your shoulder straps and other chafing bits, hee hee.
    How did you ultimately handle the peeing dilemma, hon?
    Hugs, Sara

    1. Yes, it was rough, or harsh as Mistress noted. As much as I love girdles, 24 hours was a bit much, but I've learned my lesson!

      I had to take off my shirt, pull down my pants, the girdle and panties - and then sit down.