Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The porn Keyholder

Thank you for indulging me while I share some of my favorite all time porn images, and a little insight into their affect on me. All are agents of Mistress Cassie and all are a helpful influence on my femming.

This unnamed Model I've seen only In captions @ indecisivecaptions.com, and She was instrumental in my discovery and love of capping.

This photo, in particular gets a lot of viewing from me and is quite populated in my 'picture game' library. She's not the typical Supermodel, but there's something about Her. Nic. And the captions are often about caging & the key - that's why I've nicknamed Her The Keyholder.

She also likes HRT:


And then there's the element of hypnosis, something near and dear to Mistress Cassie (and me).

Yes, The Keyholder is special, and so is Kitana - up next.

sissy maid diane

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