Saturday, December 7, 2013

i'm engaged! Mistress Cassie sets the online wedding date

Nothing will change for Mistress Cassie on January 4, 2014. That's the date She's set for to become Her sissy bride. Well maybe one thing will change, as She will have an even more devoted and servile sissy slave after that date. She will have Her sissy diane formally, and permanently trapped in Her world of female domination and feminization.

Conversely, everything will change for me. The dying embers of hope of escape are snuffed out entirely now. I am to be Her bride to do with as She pleases, and I pledge to make Her happy with my behavior in any way possible.

So, the one month engagement starts today & here is my ring.

Yes, it's just an online marriage with no legal standing, but it will be real to me. A real, new level of femming is on the way. Now my pretty collection of 'Property of Mistress Cassie' panties will take on a deeper meaning......

Much more to come.

sissy maid diane

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