Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Picture game Favorites and Their profound effect

For those not familiar with the picture game that i devoted posts to in the past, let's just say that it's a game that i play that is of profound importance in my ongoing feminization. Us sissies sure do like our girly games.

Basically i don't do anything diane unless i'm forced to by Mistress Cassie or much more frequently the game. It's all about forced feminization. i simply couldn't willingly submit to so many feminine pursuits.

i'm not wired to do it without a push. So i play the game. Thousands of porn pics (and others) in a folder that i scroll down with my eyes closed. Mistress' many pics are at least a play again result & in the case of this one:


i just love this picture!!

Whatever goal or assignment i have in my mind gets addressed when i lose the game. It usually results in a girly purchase, a session with Mistress, shaving or a dress up shoot. Maybe all of the above.

Something Mistress said tpo me yesterday sparked this post. She said that every Mistress needs allies 'on site' to help Her feminize and control Her sissy. my picture folder is full of such allies.

This one, Monica, has been posted about here frequently:

To me, She has the perfect legs and this is the perfect 'leg shot'. When this pic is the 'game over' pic, i usually end up shaving. So inspirational..........

Other classic pics that have been instrumental in helping me lose at the game:

The unsung Heroin in all of this is the Ex Wife. Again, many posts past have included Her. Maybe this will refresh your memory:

This picture prompted me to buy a white pencil skirt that i have posted wearing. Like all of the Ex Wife's pics, it always results in at least a 'play again' when She comes up.

Lately She has been as active as ever. She is a true ally of Mistress Cassie, maybe Her strongest. These new picture i found on a recent lengthy online search at social media sites have caused me a lot of losses at the game & a lot of cage time:


Of course the pics i use doen't have blacked out eyes, but i have to exercise some caution while posting about Her. These pics are 25 years or so more recent than the white skirt - sadly for me She certainly has kept Her figure! And, She has a certain hold on me 16 years after divorce.

Interestingly, during sessions with Mistress, The Ex doesn't come up. It's ALWAYS about Mistress & my feminization. It's probably a good thing for me, as Mistress already has enough feminizing ammunition. The Ex is a Force unto Herself.

(This post is a result of the my most recent picture game today. A loss to the Ex, as is the bold & red of the statement. Hopefully Mistress will not notice this 'Force'!)

In fact i lost twice today. This photo led to the new poll. You see, i simply had to escape the 'sentence' of losing to the Ex and posting about Her. So, as i often do, i played double or nothing (with no escape) - and lost both times. This picture prompted the second loss, which means the poll & another dress up shoot next week:

Mistress appears to be so 'nurturing' here................

Yes, between Mistress & the Ex, i don't stand a chance at the game. The game of sissy feminization......

sissy maid diane

PS - i will vbe posting more frequently in an attempt to bury these Ex pics. Stay tuned.........


  1. Does your ex know about you being diane?
    If not, what do you think she'd say/think if she found out?

    1. She knew about my crossdressing when we were married, and She tried to destroy my rep accordingly during the divorce. She'd try all over again if She saw this, loving every second. Go figure...........