Saturday, December 14, 2013

The training reminder

Last night Mistress Cassie called my 24+ hours in the girdle a training reminder, a harsh one. It is over and now i am definitely reminded how important it is for a sissy girl to pee sitting down.

More femme training later tonight when i session on the phone with Mistress. She'll be on speaker, i'll be on video.

Join U/us!

sissy maid diane



  1. You look Pretty! I just wish i had a mistress to feminize me and make me a real sissy panty waisted man that i am!! right now im still a closeted faggot but little by little I show my true colors to people!

    Love Frances XOXOXOXO

    1. Thank you Frances! If you want a Great Mistress, just call Mistress Cassie. Tell her I sent you - She'll take you places you never imagined! Budget for a 15 minute phone session once in a while - at $35.00/ for 15 minutes. 1-877-226-9810. She will rock your world!

      If that doesn't appeal to you - good luck in your pursuit of a Mistress and ultimate feminization.

      Luv, xoxo