Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to the nail salon

After my rewarding, and relaxing, visit to the beauty salon, it was off to the mall. It dawned on me that this might not be the best day for a pedicure. The day before New Year's Eve, and a day when many are off. And at the mall, still lots of shoppers looking for bargains or returning gifts.

But i went anyway. Today was salon day for me. i went to this mall because it's (again) not too close to home. And because i have fond femming memories and experiences at that mall. It was there that i got a Macy's makeover, fully dressed in 2008. The mall also has more than one nail salon.

It was crowded, but not impossibly so. i found a parking spot and went to the salon that i used to frequent. There i also had built a relationship with a manicurist - 'M'. Happily for Her, but unhappily for me, She left the business early last year to start a family. And while i went to that salon and a couple of other's after She left, it wasn't the same. Like my hairstylist knew that i wanted the big girl hair dryer, M knew that i wanted color as a part of my pedicure.

The first time wasn't easy, and i sorta mumbled 'pink polish'. She either didn't hear me, or understand me. i got clear polish. It was on the 2nd trip that i got up the nerve to ask for color. And She didn't bat an eye. After that i usually let Her pick the color. It was all good. Especially the pedicures themselves.

This has to be one of the best kept secrets of the Female world. For a modest sum, the amount of personal attention, the wonderful ambiance, the vibrating chairs - it's unbeatable. Men are such idiots. i don't know one man who admits to ever getting a pedicure. It's a Woman thing.

Well, i'm guessing that Women everywhere hope that men keep thinking that way. i always feel a little self conscious when i get a pedicure. It's not so much fear of discovery either. It's more like a feeling that i'm in a Female sanctuary of sorts. The racks of polish, the pretty decor, the hushed tones of conversation (or gossip?). It's all so wonderful.

However, my manicurist is gone. So, i'm starting over. Todays' visit to my old salon didn't go well. There was no one to greet me, just a sigh in sheet. i signed and sat down. It wasn't all that busy, as i was the only one seated. i waited patiently as two customers came in after me and were taken in immediately. Maybe they had appointments, but i don't think so, given whet i overheard.i think it was a lapse in service, or maybe an assumption that i was waiting for my Girlfriend or Wife. Whatever the case, i decide to try another salon.

The good news was that i got a chair right away at location number two. The bad news was that the pedicure chairs were off to the side, barely, instead of in the back, like my old salon. i felt more exposed and the lighting was bright. More good news, though - i was the only one getting a pedi.

So, as the warm water engulfed my feet, i perused the menu. There it was, French or American pedicure. -$28.00. i wanted the French pedi. Rather than blurt that desire out, i asked what an American pedicure was. The Manicurist answer was that it was color, then She immediately suggested a 'manicure supreme'. Well, that conversation didn't go as planned, and i numbly accepted Her suggestion.

The supreme was great, of course. It involved a sea salt ex foliation, a mask, a lot of scrubbing away at calluses, and a lot of massaging. Nial polish wasn't part of the deal.

But, it was wonderful in every other way. my feet just felt alive afterwards, absolutely delicious. As usual, Mistress was correct in admonishing me for letting my salon visits wane. Being feminized can be difficult at times, but there are many rewards as well. Getting pampered at salons is high on the list. i will get another pedicure soon enough, and i will get up the nerve for color.

Just like my relationship with my Hairstylist, i'll find a new manicurist to build a relationship with. And Mistress doesn't need to worry about me sliding back into bad habits, like not going to the salon.

What was i thinking!

sissy maid diane

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