Sunday, December 4, 2011

Black Friday panty and bra set

A week ago Friday was Black Friday. Now famous as the unofficial start of the Holiday shopping season. i spared myself the crowds, but got on line offers form a number of stores that cater to Female intimates. One was from They sell lots of pretty things and i have purchased Vanity Fair panties there recently. White VF panties. Silky sheer nylon with lace insets at the hem of the legs. So feminine!

Well, the sale included panties and bras and much more. When i saw this VF bra in similar shimmery material, i was in buying mode. i'm not entirely sure why i ordered black, except maybe that my black bras don't really have tat perfect fit for my breast forms. But just looking at the full coverage on the site's pics, i knew this was a special bra. And black it was.

The panties are a different story. i can wear any bra, any color whenever i want. But i'm on a panty schedule that does not allow for black. But i ordered them anyway. Today is white panty day & i had on a white pair this morning. But i took them off and took a bubble bath. Now shaved and refreshed, i am about to put on this new black VF bra and panty set.

i'll do my nails first.  ;o)

Yes, i'll be wearing black on white panty day. Mistress does allow crossing the color line. i simp[ly have to share it here on my blog with pictures. So, these are pictures of my Black Friday VF panty & bra.set.

Have a good day!

Just kidding! i must show pictures of me dressed in them, of course.

Those pictures will be up a little later today.

sissy maid diane


  1. Dianne you will look very fem and sexy in vf panties and bra you have turned yourself into such a femmy lady and you are very pretty ken

  2. Hi ken,

    Thank you!

    i have just posted wearing them. Delicious!

    i did have a LOT of help with my femming from Mistress of course. ;o)