Saturday, December 10, 2011

sissy record keeping - the cage

Here's some fun sissy facts. i've just released myself from chastity caging. i was caged for 111 consecutive hours. While for some hard core cagers this may seem like a walk in the park time frame, for me it's a record period of continuous confinement.

At times it got to be pretty easy, even unnoticeable, especially during the day. Nights were more of a challenge. Also very challenging considering that i was wearing 'Property of' panties every day, and adding lots of gurly stuff in the evenings. Last night was a restless sleep, it was time to get out today.

Another fun fact: i was caged for 138 of 141 hours going back to Sunday afternoon, the last time i masturbated. i took off todays' DOTW panties a few minutes ago and put on these red panties, cage free. It didn't take long for the wet spot to appear. It started at the bottom, shown here, as my now freed cock became aroused at the feeling of sheer nylon panties again.

Then, as i sprang to attention, more leaking.

i have a session with Mistress Cassie this evening. i will be dressed as a sissy maid, Her sissy maid - and i will be ready and eager to serve Her.

sissy maid diane


  1. Mmm, I KNOW I'd never get any sleep if I was caged, oh my!!!
    Love those pics...that thin nylon brief, getting so wet... :)

  2. Hi sara,

    Yes, sleeping is the challenge. i've been getting wet spots all day. i'm ready for Mistress.