Saturday, December 24, 2011

Girdle bound sissy

i just keep getting into all kinds of sissy trouble with pictures. This one i find mesmerizing. i ca't look away. It takes me back to my roots of cross dressing. Now that i'm a Mistress trained sissy, this photo takes on another dimension. While i love girdles and these pictures, it's a reminder that the girdle is a control garment. As She spreads Her legs, that lovely girdle denies me from viewing Her Womanhood.

It's a tormenting girdle tease.

And by looking too much, i couldn't stay out of a girdle myself. But not before i put my cage on. Next week i'm off work. i'll be pampering myself with a trip to the beauty salon and the nail salon. i'll be freshly shaved and i'll be going 'out'. And i'll be taking lots of pictures. i think one day next week, i'll do a girdle shoot. i have so, so many to choose from.

For today, i'm really feeling controlled. i'm a girdle bound sissy.

sissy maid diane


  1. Diane, you make a beautiful sissy, that can easily pass i would love to look as lovely as you,Buck

  2. Hi Buck,

    What a lovely compliment. Thank you!


  3. You look gorgeous Diane,just love your sexy. Underwear xx that's y i had to bye some my self. I just love girdles 😊