Saturday, December 10, 2011

New sissy purchases

Anyone who has even glance at this blog must know that i love to buy gurly things. All kinds of things and toys. When i go through a stretch of intense feminization, like i'm in now, the buying tends to pick up. Lately, it's really picked up.

In the last two days i have received 5 packages, all with fun stuff inside. One new addition will be on display tonight. A new hair style, inspired by the Model above. i can't compete with Her but - close enough. It will be on tonight during my session with Mistress, which will be late. Pictures tomorrow.

Other purchases include a new full black slip, a luscious white Vanity Fair bra to match last week's black one (yummy) and three pairs of sheer see through panties. They will all be on display soon enough.

Two other things came that i won't go into now. These are ground breaking items, something different. Each is worth it's own post.

More to come on all of this new stuff, a by product of days of chastity caging.

That's all for now.

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- I love the wig! Ha, I can see how the caption would appeal to you... I guess I kept looking at her pantied butt though! :)
    Love your new purchases... you'll have so much fun in them! :)

  2. Hi sara,

    Yes Her behind has become something of a fixation to me lately. But the hair is nice too. :o)