Wednesday, December 28, 2011

sissy salon day dreaming

One of my two current assignments from Mistress includes a sissy pampering day. That will happen either tomorrow or Friday. A trip to the beauty salon for a hair cut & blow dry under the 'big gurl' dryer is a give. But then i think it's overdue for me to get a pedicure.

Pedicures are great and i actually miss getting my nails done. The only stressful part was the occasions when i got color. That trip form the chair to the drying station was a little embarrassing when i had a color like red applied. And yet a professionally applied coat of polish is so much more appealing than my do it yourself polish.

Since my hard to find  (t gurl friendly) manicurist retired to family life, i have been reluctant to search for a replacement. Maybe i'll inquire about French nails when i get my pedicure. They are very nice looking and i've been curios about the process for some time. And lots of the Women i view have them, usually on the fingers though. But not always....

Anyway, it may be a little less noticeable on my trip to the drying station. We'll see. i'm trying to get my nerve up now.

Maybe tomorrow's the salon day....

sissy maid diane


  1. Diane, you look so passable i think you wear a cute dress or skirt with sandals when you get you toes done, it would be so feminine thing to do. Buck

  2. Hello Buck,

    i'll have to do a cute dress and and sandals shoot for you - after i get my nails done properly.