Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's shave and girdle day

Influenced greatly into cross dressing during puberty by the marvelous girdle, i have been recently smitten by a girdle Model, Tori. While She turned out to be a very naughty hard core porn Star, Her girdle images have taken a toll.

It has been a while since i did a girdle shoot, modelling my own extensive collection. But later today i will be shaving and dressing up, with the girdle featured. Maybe a blue one with a pink bra, kinda reverse of Tori. It is blue panty day after all.

i have been in my cage since Saturday. It's time to get out, but it won't be for long. i have a feeling that i'll have a soiled girdled by the end of the day and the cage will go on again.

Until then...

sissy maid diane

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