Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday's cage gauge.

i'll be taking a few photo's shortly of me in my blue Tuesday 'Property of Mistress Cassie' panties. i might even put on a dab of makeup. Of course the cage is already on. It looks like there will be ample opportunity to test the cage gauge this week. It just went off when i came across this old favorite from indecisivecaptions.com while playing a quick 'picture game'.

i lost again naturally, hence the dab of make up and extra clothing for tonight's update of the chastity caging for Mistress series.

i just love Women in see through panties. So tantalizing and suggestive. An awful tease, and me stuck in my cage. Oh, my. Once again though, the cage gauge never lies. Her pretty panties and perfect behind have filled the cage.

Another post shortly, in my own panties.

sissy maid diane

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