Sunday, December 4, 2011

Being a sissy for the wrong reasons

The interesting thing about being a trained sissy is the constant battle of mixed emotions. The battle for control is over and Mistress Cassie has won. But another battle rages.

i spend too much time dressed en femme to one degree or another to even try and deny Her control. The list of feminine habits that i now have day in and day out is long. When i have time and energy i dress completely and truly embrace my femininity. i throughly enjoy it, and that's the problem.

The raging battle now is complex and simple at the same time. i enjoy it. While there's nothing wrong with that, it simply is a little too much about me - my enjoyment. i can assume that Mistress is happy to see me accept my gurly nature and to share it here. i can assume that i'm making Her happy.

But that is the wrong attitude, that's being a sissy for the wrong reasons. i need to do better at pleasing Her, at making Her truly happy. The next time i session with Mistress i will simply ask what i can do for Her.

After all, it's all about Mistress now.

sissy maid diane

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