Thursday, December 29, 2011

The 'cage gauge' goes off - again

Well, here i am, caged - again. An experiment with using a nylon to enter the cage. i still have more than two hours before i meet the Mistress Cassie imposed minimum of 4 hours locked up. So, i found myself browsing through my picture folder.

Since i haven't masturbated, the 'gauge' is a little sensitive. But it really went off when i took a look at the scene above. Maybe it's because i got a thorough cuckold session from Mistress a couple of weeks ago describing, in detail, Her giving me the strap on while i orally attended to Her lover. Maybe the fact that Mistress made me suck a cock for Her a good while back and keeps that fact front & center - along with my dildo training.

Whatever the trigger, i posted weeks ago about sharing things that make my cage fill & here's tonight's installment. And the cage is really full tonight. :o)

sissy maid diane

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