Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New sissy assignments

Besides the 47 hours caged that was the end result of Sunday evening's session with Mistress, i have two new assignments.

Actually there are a reminder that i may have gotten away from some sissy essentials the Mistress expects to be part of my 'trained sissy' status. Like my laziness with grooming a few weeks ago, there are other established gurly routines that i have let slip.

While it was my intention to please Mistress during the session, i ended up getting a report card of sorts. While i get high marks on many things, including grooming, pantification, nail painting, peeing like a gurl etc. i've fallen short of expectations in other areas.

For example - i paint my own nails & haven't had a professional manicure or pedicure since April. Doing my own nails is nice, but it's not the same as going to a salon. The same with my hair. With my career change going to my well established hairdresser every month fell by the wayside. The excuse is time added by a new commute and new career responsibilities. But those are just that, excuses.

Mistress wants me to get a little feminine pampering at a salon, as an assignment. i simply have to do it. And given that She elicited a honest 'yes' when i was asked if i enjoyed past salon experiences, well...

Lets' just say that that's one assignment that i don't think i'll have any problem with. Both assignments have to be complete by the end of January, and one by the end of this month. i will have some time off during the Holiday's, so i don't think there's any question i'll get the pampering done first. i'll probably go to the hair salon and the and the nail salon. but even when i do both that will only be one assignment.

The hard part will be starting over. i got lucky the first time around. i went to a Women's hair salon & the was a little embarrasing. But asking for some time under the 'big gurl' hair dryer was mortifying - the first time. The 2nd time my hairdresser sinply asked if i wanted the dryer. After that it was easy.

Now, i've got to find a new place that makes more sense with my commute. i need to get lucky again.

The 2nd one is much tougher for me. It's time, it's overdue and it's got to be done now, by the end of January. It's time to go 'out' again as diane. i still remember my first outing in September of 2008 vividly. i made a weekend out of it getting a hotel room a bout a half hour from home and took a lot of my wardrobe with me.

It was a series of memorable events, and the first time out topped the list. It was a lovely weekend, temperatures in the 70's and bright sunshine. i checked into the hotel on a Saturday morning, shaved and prepared myself and went out in a pencil skirt stockings and top. It was frightening and incredibly exciting at the same time. It was just cool enough to feel the early fall breeze wafting up under my skirt. i'll never for get it. It was liek a decades old burden had been lifted from my shoulders. i love the feel of it, the undeniably Female sensation i'd never experienced before . Being out in a skirt and heels was liberating.

i went out a number of times that Saturday & Sunday morning. i loved it. Subsequently i braved even more outrageous outing, especially the make over 'in drag' at Macy's. It seems like a life time ago that these great things happened. Ultimately i have found going out increasingly difficult. It is risky, time consuming and there'a s an element of 'been there, done that' with me.

i don't want to go out in public anymore and it shows. It's been over a year now. For me, i can exhibit my deepening feminization on my blog form the comfort of home, where all of my gurly possessions reside. i am quite content with the my submission to Mistress and regularly displaying it here.

But alas. it's not about me.

Mistress isn't satisfied with my satisfaction. i am to go out again, by the end of January. It must be a minimum of 30 minutes in the public.i did not argue or struggle. i will do it. i will do it because Mistress Cassie wants me to, She expects it now. To not go out from time to time is a step backwards, a failing grade on my femming report card. i will remedy that to please Mistress and to get back to my feminine routine. How can She move forward with my feminization when i back pedal? There is no excuse.

More to come on this one. i'll post again about other things that went on during the session. i was teased and tormented about the cage, cuckolding and more. Despite my poor review on some new bad habits, i fervently hope that Mistress took enjoyment out of teasing me. i think She enjoyed it. i hope so - it's Her right.

sissy maid diane


  1. "Ultimately i have found going out increasingly difficult. It is risky, time consuming and there'a s an element of 'been there, done that' with me."

    Yes, it can be risky, time consuming, nerve wracking, etc. but it is a great test of your commitment to your Mistress and equally importantly your feminine self. I make sure sissy gets out of the confines of our house en femme at least every other month.

    "Been there, done that," would you say the same thing about cumming? If I was your Mistress I might just keep you from cumming until you made your next trip into the big scary world.

    Mistress Aimee

  2. Hello Mistress Aimee,

    i have been rightfully chastised. It was not only a bad choice of wording, but a bad attitude altogether..

    Your are right of course. It is a great test of my commitment to Mistress and to my feminine self.

    Its is the nature of blogging to express feelings that i may have at the time of the post. Upon further reflection, that amounts to a bell i'd like to 'unring'.

    But i wrote it and it has been exposed for what it is. No, i wouldn't say the same thing about cumming.

    Point taken, and i can and will learn from my mistake. :o)

    sissy maid diane

  3. diane- Thank you. I understand you were just being honest in what you wrote...I didn't think you meant it disrespectfully. But the Women will tell us what is right, I gather.
    Having to find a new hairdresser on your commute does sound tough... you really sound lucky with the first one. Is it impossible to go there anymore?
    I'd die, too, having to ask for the dryer I think!!
    Being out in public, away from home....wow. It must be liberating... but scary! Thanks for sharing those pics.

  4. Hi sara,

    Yes the Women will tell us. ;o)

    i could go back to the nail salon, but the manicurist is gone - which is kinda why i stopped going to begin with. It's always tough finding the right "one'.

    And yes, going out is liberating and very scary.