Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday is red sissy panty day

Today's panty color is red. Last night i had a short phone session with Mistress Cassie, while i was caged. Sort of  a primer for tonight's session. She wants me in a sissy maid outfit & girdle. What Mistress wants, Mistress gets.

Oops, a little wet spot is developing as i write that.

For now, another fresh pair of panties and some more daily pictures. for the first time i'll have 7 consecutive days of pics in my DOTW panties and the cage. my only (minor) complaint about this set of Property of Mistress Cassie' panties is the shade of today's panties. A little too orange, i think. But overall they are great to wear. Silky smooth and lacy with the lovely embroidery, of course.

i think i'll do a little panty collage post later today, kind of a week in review thing. And what a week it's been..

sissy maid diane

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