Monday, December 19, 2011

Girdle love

The subject of internet searches and results has't really been addressed here, and isn't the real focus of today's post.

Having said that, my blog comes up - with a surprisingly high ranking - as the result of a variety of searches. For example - if you (and someone did) search 'panty 'girdle', i'm apt to come up at some point. i know this, because i check my blog traffic sources on a fairly regular basis. Today, i was directed to a panty girdle image search. Yes, some images of me and other girdle related images from my blog came up.

i guess that shouldn't be all that surprising to me. After all, i've posted often enough about my 'girdle connection' in terms of how i started cross dressing to begin with. Beyond the search subject, i simply can't explain that impact of an image like the one above.

Along with my CD background, i ultimately view girdles as a control garment.  i am literally consumed about that whole control subject. i am the 'poster sissy' for being controlled.  :o)

But this is another matter all together. my goodness, is She sexy!

Now, i can be pretty anal about coordinating colors when i dress, especially with lingerie items. Wearing a blue bra & a pink girdle just wouldn't occur to me. But this Woman gives a whole new dimension to mix and match. And, She brings big time sex appeal to the girdle. For me anyway.

i'll talk more about search engines some other day. For today my enduring love of girdles is once again front & center.

sissy maid diane


  1. I really like that bra too. Look how cottony padded and comfy it looks. It looks a lot like the first bra I ever bought.

  2. Hi Jackie,

    Yes, that bra is very pretty. So are Her stockings and nails and's all good! :o)

    Glad you liked it.