Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to the beauty salon

i was busted by Mistress a couple of weeks ago for not visiting the beauty or nail salon regularly. my excuse was the job, of course. But Mistress wasn't about to let me slip backwards in my training. i had until the end of the year to do a pampering day at the salon(s) or pay dire consequences.

So, today was salon day. This morning i called the beauty salon that i used to frequent. Not this salon, but close enough.

i had not been there since March. The Owner answered the phone and i asked if 'L' was in today. Right away the Owner asked "is this mr. d? (my other name also begins with d). When i replied yes, She went on to say how they've missed me.

Well, the whole thing about a gurl and the relationship with her hair stylist came flooding back to me. That's kinda the whole point in going to the salon. Relationships. The whole Female domain thing is part of it too, but after going there for 3 years i had built a relationship. Going to a chain Hair Cuttery is more convenient,  faster and a little less expensive. i got into the habit of going there because of time restraints. What i got was a quick, cheap, decent hair cut. Period. What i also got was a different stylist every time. No appointments, in and out.

Today, it was a lot more enjoyable. After getting caught up with 'L', i was surprised at how much She remembered about me, and likewise. After the hair cut, She washed my hair and as W/we approached  the 'big girl' hair dryers, She asked if i wanted some time under the dryer today. i did, of course, and i was about to suggest it. But again, She remembered. And i was reunited with the dryer.

The moral of part one of my salon day is that getting a hair cut can be just that, or much more. i chose the salon originally, in part, because it is 1/2 hour from home. A safety from discovery issue. The problem is that i now work in the other direction. But, the reality is that i need to find an hour a month of travel time to make the trip - for the relationship. The relationship between a sissy gurl and her hair Stylist.

Next, a different result on my nail salon visit.

sissy maid diane

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