Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Teasing the sissy

Teasing is a time honored right of a Mistress who has claimed ownership of a sissy. Before i became pussified by Mistress i used to fantasize about being teased by a Female Dominant, The thought of a beautiful, strong minded Woman feminizing me - exposing my weakness and using it against me was compelling. It was a turn on for me.

i have a new perspective now. It's not fantasy for any more, it's reality. The difference between fantasy and reality here is huge. It's not about being a turn on for me. It's about Mistress and filling Her need as a Dominant. The problem with fantasizing is that it is limited by my own imagination of how i should be teased and when. The reality is that Mistress sets all of those parameters - period.

There was ample opportunity for Her to tease me on Sunday evening and She did, to the point of tormenting me. Fantasy meets reality.

Example: i dressed in a maids uniform with a girdle on Saturday evening, expecting a session in full femme mode dressed per Mistres' instructions from a short session on Friday (while i was caged). i had a brief IM exchange with Her. She was with Her lover Blaze and might be available in 45 minutes or so. i was admittedly excited at the prospect of a phone session after an encounter with Her lover. i even dared dream that He might get on the phone & go into details of how Their love making session went. Maybe he'd have a laugh at my expense over my waiting dressed in a mid's uniform.

Well, that didn't quite happen. Instead, i waited for hours (until 3:00 a.m.) with nary a word from Mistress. it turned out to be another cuckold lesson, Mistress Cassie style.

i went to sleep early Sunday morning wondering and restlessly dreaming about what the two of them were doing.

When i did session with Mistress on Sunday evening She gave me every opportunity to complain. i did not. And She teased me. She asked probing questions about what i was thinking when i wanted to ask what She was doing. She put me in the room that early Sunday morning, incessantly asking if i would have begged to fluff Blaze for Her. Would i suck his cock to get him on the edge before he turned and placed his engorged cock into Her? Would i??????

Would i beg Her now for that opportunity? Would i beg to suck Her lover's cock? The answer is yes, because i did. Again, no complaint from me about being 'stood up' in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Instead i begged for the opportunity to suck His cock.

In another exchange regarding the cage:

Her: Where is the lock that i have the only key to?
me: on my night stand.
Her: Is it tugging at you? Do you want to put that lock on and be at my mercy as to when i send the key back from Canada.
me: Yes, Mistress - it tugs at me
Her: i'm going away for a few days. What if i required that you send a note begging for the key - after i had you use that special lock?

And on & on it went. She changed the pace & content of Her conversation rapidly. She told me of other sissies that send Her keys. But they are largely fakes. She knows i cage for real - for Her! The possibilities are endless for Her. An endless one sided opportunity for Her to tease me - on Her terms. Since it is my intention to please Her, i listened intently, often with a raging hard on. She kept going.

She talked about other sissies in Her barn that live for punishment and how She breaks them. Those poor sissies have a fantasy about being punished by this Beautiful Mistress, and they ask for it! And they get it, Mistress style. Like me, it eventually turns Her way. Those poor sissies get and accept punishment that was never in their fantasy, their make believe world. They get punishment that feeds Mistress' needs, not theirs.

In 3 /12 years i have been punished by Mistress three times. i don't want to go there again.

1) i was being difficult, bristling at Her Dominance. She was patient, warning me to be more respectful. i became more difficult. She calmly lost patience. The punismment: write 500 times - i have been a bad sissy. i apologize to Mistress Cassie. i did it, i posted it and i hated it. WRITING LINES she calls that form of punishment.

2) A similar scenario. i was out of town, sessioning late at night & being difficult. The resulting punishment: suck a cock, something i'd never done. But i did it. The one and only blow job (so far).

3) i posted one of countless picture shoots with full dress, including nylons, of course. With Her keen eye She noticed a run in one of my stockings. The punishment: i had to research & post about the proper care of Female hosiery, after neatly rearranging my hose drawer. a TEDIOUS LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

That has all been a long time ago, probably 2 plus years. i try diligently to avoid punishment by Mistress. i feel badly for my fellow sissies who long for punishment form Mistress. She teased me about how accomplished She is at doling it out. This teasing took place when i was listening about how negligent i've been about my salon visits and going 'out'.

She never threatened me, She simply shared Her expertise in punishment and reminded me of my few little beginner level punishments along the way in my femming.

.i made it clear that i am not into punishment and that i absolutely need to get my act together.(i may have sounded desperate).

At the end She decided to do a count down for my cummie from 1-10. But it was too late. i was already cumming.- a long, drawn out cum powered by days in the cage and my intent listening to all of Her teasing.  i got a 'bad sissy' for that one. But She didn't punish me. She showed mercy, and by doing so pulled me closer to Her breast for more nurturing and more feminization. It's another example of Her style, a style like no other. As a result, i've never felt closer to Her, and my resolve to please Her is stronger than ever.

i haven't covered all of Her teasing moments from that hour long session. But She did leave me with this - i would cage for 47 hours. i would be free of the cage late on Tuesday evening. Tuesday evening, just before yellow panty day. Cuckold panty day. She didn't say - "you'll be right back in the cage at the strike of midnight - Wednesday. She simply pointed out that Her caging 'sentnce' would end shortly before Wednesday dawned. Another masterful tease from the Master, the Mistress.............

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- hi hon. Mistress sounds like she is in total control, and gives tough punishments! Well, it is as it is. Hopefully you won't get any over the year's end!
    Oops, wearing white today (a day early!). Wife approved, though. :)

  2. Hi sara,

    There's no doubt Who's in control , and it's def not me!

    i'm wearing white today, of course. Including my new VF bra. Delicious.... ;o)