Friday, December 9, 2011

A comment from Mistress Cassie that says it all....

On November 13 i posted this:

A sissy shaved (again) and - finally understanding life balance

Today, Mistress left this comment, and i accept everything that She says here:

 Mistress Cassie said...
Mistress Cassie said...

Hello diane,

Yes, you are obsessive, and have a controlling nature.

I remember how horrified you were that I was not interested in signed sissy/feminization contract with you. I told you I did not need a contract, and that I would control you with out one. I know that bothered you a great deal. 

I know that my unscheduled attention has been very frustrating for you. But now, maybe you get it. The only way for you to truly submit to Me, is for you to accept Me, My training and My methods as they occur, without predictably. What matters is that you obey Me because you know I am right, not because there is a schedule, or a list of rules. My feminization and training are all encompassing. (you may be a hunter, but you are a sissy girl out hunting, with your pretty panties on next to your skin, under neath your hunting clothes)

It doesn't matter what pictures or which women you masturbate too... it doesn't matter if you are a strong business man at work with many responsabilites. What does matter is that you know you are My sissy, submissive in all matters to Me.

Now you may learn to accept yourself as one person, you, a feminized male, with a career, a life, and a Mistress. Now maybe you will let go the constant power struggle between "pink" and "blue". you are both, and you must accept that. Put something pretty in your office a work. Something small, out of the way even, but something pretty. Something to remind you that you live in one world. My world.

Mistress Cassie.
Today i added something pink & blue in plain sight in my office. i'm not going into where these items came from, but i will say it represents this:

"Something to remind you that you live in one world. My world."

Here's a picture:

A picture says a thousand words. Mistress Cassie's message says it all.

sissy maid diane

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