Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Wednesday, yellow panty day and another day of chastity caging

Wednesday is fondly referred to a 'hump' day in many quarters. And when Thursday dawns I'll be over the hump as far a my current chastity caging goes. i'll be out temporarily at some point this weekend, then right back in after my session with Mistress Cassie.  

i was sitting in traffic a while ago on the way home and starting thinking about my 'state'. While i have been chronicling instances of the 'cage gauge' going off to certain images, the gauge went off in traffic.

This is the subconscious part of being dominated by Mistress. What i was thinking is how ridiculous it is that i am wearing this cage at all. i really don't want it on. But i wasn't forced to put it on at all this week. i have only to wear it a minimum of 4 hours every time i masturbated. Not 4 or 5 days (without the benefit of masturbation). When i was thinking about it, it's obvious what Mistress has done with Her approach to caging me. 

It's been masterfully orchestrated. She has me caging myself by, among other things, threatening to take it away. Genius, absolute genius. Something of a minimalist approach that has had the totally opposite effect. While i'm aware of what's She's doing & has done, i'm powerless to do anything about it. That's the rapid conclusion that i came to while sitting at a traffic light.

By the time the light was green the gauge went off. The cage was full of engorged, excited, nowhere to go, trapped - cock. How is this possible? It makes more sense for me to enjoy the feel of the hardening flesh against my nylon panties. But no, i get to 'enjoy' hard unyielding plastic, and get hard thinking about being caged by Mistress. By choice? Sure, i chose caging chastity this week, Mistress did not confine me. Not by specific Command anyway. Her subtle mind bending approach is much more effective than simply caging me. That's too easy for Her. 

Oh, She can do that as well, whenever She wants. It's the self caging that is really impressive to me. the cage used to be a curiosity to me. A sex toy of sorts, emphasis on toy. Its's no toy now, it's more like a weapon, a pussification weapon that Mistress has deployed.  Like i said, in retrospect i can see how She did it, but that doesn't mean i can ever hope to 'undo' it. That's the nature of a D/s relationship.

More about this later.

For today, it's Wednesday which always a cuckold day for me, as noted numerous times here. In my world yellow = cuckold. So, here are my pics in the cage with the paper with the numbered lock. i put on some extra gurly under things today when i dressed this morning. All yellow and lacy - my long leg panty girdle,  (keeps that cage in place!)

Also, pettipants, half slip and of course the panties. i added the cami, bra and heels when i got home.

Yes, today i'm feeling pantied, cucked, caged, and totally under Another's control.

Tomorrow is another special sissy panty day - pink day. That's Mistress Cassie's favorite color for Her sissies. Oh yes, i'm definitely one of Her sissies, securely locked in Her sissy barn.

More tomorrow.......

sissy maid diane

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