Tuesday, December 27, 2011

sissy gurl girdling

i can't remember the last time i came into a girdle, before today. Lycra spandex is not the silky sheer nylon material that i prefer. But today was a day to shave and put on lots of lotion and pamper myself. i'm feeling very very femme these days. Since i have some time off (finally) i'm going to enjoy being diane.

There will be more to come this week, but i wanted to start at the beginning, the girdle. The retro picture gallery of Tori took me back to the 60's when a good day was getting a peek of a Female Class mate's undies. It was usually a girdle. A great day was when one of them got careless and i got a look all the way to the gusset.

Two of the many things about Tori that really got my attention was Her spreading Her legs for that great gusset look, and the mixing of colors. my gusset isn't as smooth and inviting as Tori's (too much junk down there), but i liked the feel of spreading wide. It was also fun to mix colors of lingerie, something i rarely do.

It was fun - period. And it led to me soiling my girdle and caging. Usually when i masturbate wearing a girdle, i pull it down and let my panties 'do their thing'. Today, i was in such a girdle frenzy that i didn't even wear panties, like Tori. i just rubbed away and shot into that controlling spandex material. Then i caged and pulled my girdle back on..

Ah, Mistress Cassie's Hierarchy of  images and porn stars strikes again. If i had seen these pictures of Tori before becoming so enamored of Her, i might have figured out She was a bad Girl, a hardcore porn star who seduced me into caging & girdling with Her girdle shoot. Too late now.

Yes, Her impact was already registered when i saw just what a bad Girl She is. But i just had to do a pink girdle and blue bra shoot and here it is.

Much more to cum this week.  (wink)

sissy maid diane

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