Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday is sissy pink day

It is THE universally accepted color for sissies. It's Mistress Cassie's favorite color for Her sissies. It's traditional a color associated with the Female gender from birth. Baby boys are swaddled in blue, girls (generally are not).

my first set (of three) of Day of the week panties has two shades of this wonderful color. A pale version, and a deeper more vibrant version.

i could go on and on about:


And, for Mistress Cassie's sissies, Thursday is pink day. Like every other DOTW, i happen to have a pink pair of 'Property of Mistress Cassie' panties.

While personally i have come to regard yellow as my favorite,largely because of the cuckold element, pink is still the standard bearer for most (if not all) of us sissies. It's a feminine color, and we are attracted to all that if feminine. What spells sissy better than P I N K?

So, here it is, my daily update of this week's chastity caging for Mistress. i woke up in yellow, but pink was already laid out for today after my a.m. shower. i even played a very quick picture game before fully dressing. Horrifyingly, i lost again. Really, the odds were pretty much in my favor this time. But i lost anyway.

The winning picture:

i have 4,316 pictures in my 'sissy' folder, many of which are repeats of favorites to increases the likelihood of them coming up while i play. This photo is repeated a total of 6 times. Not all that likely. Now, Her behind and hair are very compelling to me lately. Not compelling enough to save Her image say, 30 times, but compelling enough to play a game of "let's wear something additional today" first thing this morning.

If She comes up i wear the extras, She doesn't, i'm free except my panties & cage. Well, a bonus picture came up right away. This picture and many like it are interspersed throughout the folder. Play again. Decrease my odds.

But still, 6 out of 4,316????? But here i am.

Now, this may seem a little overly dramatic for what transpired next, but i lived with it today. Another girdle day. Unlike yesterday's panty girdle, there's no keep the cage in place benefit in wearing this girdle. The open bottom girdle is something that Mistress introduced me to, in 2008. my interest in girdles goes back to my Junior High School days. Many, many years prior to 2008, believe me. It was back in those days while i entered puberty that the occasional glimpse of a girdle, courtesy of any number of my Female classmates, played a key role in my inescapable pattern of lifetime cross dressing.

The first time i masturbated a girdled was involved, as was the image of a Sears catalog ad and one of my class Mates. The catalog was in one of my hands, the image of my class mate was in my mind. Burned into my mind as i masturbated. And so the cross dressing ship set sail.

The girdle fascination has led me to a rather large collection, which has been totally ignored for some time until this week. Bang - it's back. Why? Who knows. The sheer see through panties of the 'winning' picture game Model are well, - panties. Not a girdle. Maybe it's that growing feeling of being controlled that has girdles back on my radar. Definitely a control garment, the girdle. And i have posted many pictures in the past modelling my collection:

Anyway, unlike yesterday's yellow 'regular' panty girdle, the pink longline zippered girdle i wore today was a more challenging matter. It certainly gets my attention after a trip to the Girls room. It's simply much more distracting than a panty girdle. The fact that it's a LONGLINE means that the stern, zippered latex material protrudes above my slacks belt line. A risky proposition, even with a dress shirt and undershirt on (both white). i'm naturally long waited and sometimes my shirt isn't tucked in properly. i found myself constantly checking to make sure i had everything "in order" down there today. It would be hard to explain a little flash of pink girdle showing at work. Sigh.......

i don't anticipate a return to regular girdle wearing. But then again, it's hard for me to anticipate anything these days when it comes to my feminization.

Today's pictures:

Tomorrow is green sissy panty day. (Wow, i really, really need relief. i'll release during a session with Mistress this weekend - on Her terms of course. i will be hungrily drinking from Her feminization fountain).

sissy maid diane


  1. Pink is very pretty!
    I love the "upskirt" shots! (hee hee!)
    I may start to tent and leak soon, too...oops

  2. Hi sara,

    yes, pink is still the sissy standard. Happy to see you like upskirts.